gilt egg 2 I know, I know… most people are thinking about putting their Easter decorations away soon, not about making new ones.   Things slowed down over here for a second, so I finally decided what to do with these paper mache eggs I found on clearance after Easter last year. I painted them with the lovely spring colors that have been creeping into every project I’ve done lately {like this printable Easter tag}. gilt egg 1 I also happened to have a package of gold leaf left over from another project, so I decided these eggs needed it. Have you ever used gold leaf? It is so fun and easy. I’m a little obsessed.  Once the paint on each egg had dried, I used a paintbrush to randomly paint splotches of Elmer’s glue on each egg. The key here is to not cover the entire egg in glue. Make strokes of varying sizes and shapes, being sure to leave some areas clean. Once you have your glue the way you want it, take a small piece of gold leaf and lay it across the egg. Press lightly with your finger or a clean foam brush. I recommend letting it dry for a few minutes to make sure the gold leaf sticks where you want it. Once dry, gently rub the gold leaf with your finger to remove any excess from the areas of the egg that didn’t get glue. It took experimenting on a few eggs to figure out what technique achieved the look I wanted. I went back and added more glue to areas that looked a little sparse, and then I rolled it through the little pile of gilt confetti that had come from the first application. Tip: This stuff is a mess and doesn’t clean up easily. Cover your workspace and use tape to clean up any strays. gilt egg 3 And there you have it! I have found a zillion places to squeeze Easter eggs into this house. Cloches, sugar molds, birdcages, vases…you name it, it has an egg in it. This set is going in a darling little clay bowl on my dining room hutch. I’d love to hear how you use them!


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6 responses to “gold gilded easter eggs”

  1. Sally says:

    Oh la la!!! Fabulous.

  2. Terri says:

    Love, love, love these!

  3. Misty says:

    So FAB!!!

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